Terms and Conditions

By booking with and receiving services from Bee Friends Cleaners whether by phone or online booking, you agree to the following Terms of Service, any necessary credit/debit card authorizations, and our Privacy Policy. Any fees detailed below are in place primarily to compensate cleaners with regard to last-minute cancellations and lockouts.


Terms and Conditions

Required Card on File
We handle all billing electronically through the trusted third-party provider Stripe, allowing you to make payments conveniently with your credit or debit card. Rest assured that your payment method details are fully secure, as we do not have access to view them. Your information is safe with us. We will securely store your payment method on file and automatically charge you after each cleaning session, with receipts sent to your registered email. To ensure a smooth service experience, we require all clients to maintain a working payment method on file. Failure to do so may result in service cancellation.

Hourly Pricing
For one-time cleaning services, such as deep cleans, move in/out cleans, and one-time standard cleans, our estimates are based on average homes of similar size but you final price will be based on the number of labor hours it actually takes to complete the cleanings. The minimum quoted amount is determined based on the size and condition of your home and serves as the base cost for the cleaning service. This minimum amount will be charged if the cleaning is completed in less time than estimated but we will adjust downwards to the minimum price if the number of labor hours was overestimated. 

Our hourly rates are as follows:

  • $58/hr for 1 cleaner

  • $116/hr for 2 cleaners

  • $170/ hr for 3 cleaners

The timeframe for completing a job is defined as the duration between the ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ times. ‘Clock in’ occurs when the cleaner(s) arrive at your property, while ‘clock out’ signifies the completion of cleaning tasks and the packing of all cleaning materials into their vehicle.

We reserve the discretion to determine the number of cleaners sent to your home. 

Card Hold
48 hours prior to your scheduled booking time, we will place a temporary hold on your card, equivalent to the booking amount, to verify the availability of funds. If the hold is unsuccessful, we may choose to cancel the service. You will be promptly notified via text, call, or email.

Cancellation Fee ($50)
Should a client cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a $50 cancellation fee may be charged via invoice or the card on file. This fee applies in various other circumstances as detailed in our Terms of Service.

Lockout Fee ($75)
In the event that our cleaners arrive at your home and are unable to gain entry, we will contact you through text and/or phone calls and wait for up to 30 minutes. If entry cannot be secured within this timeframe, a $75 lockout fee will be charged via invoice or the card on file. Additionally, if we determine that the nature of the cleaning service falls outside our standard scope of work (e.g., encountering an infestation), resulting in service termination, a $75 lockout fee will apply via invoice or the card on file.

How to Cancel Your Recurring Service
If you need to cancel your recurring service, please contact our office at (207) 805-5524 via call or text, or send us an email at hello@beefriendscleaners.com. Please provide at least 48 hours notice before your next scheduled appointment to avoid incurring a Cancellation Fee.

Recurring Service – Canceling After Your First Appointment
Should you choose to cancel after the first appointment of a recurring service, the total owed for that booking will be adjusted to the full Service Total price (with the Frequency Discount removed). Any resulting difference will be charged accordingly. This measure is in place to prevent individuals from taking advantage of our recurring discount and subsequently canceling after the first appointment.

Cleaner Reassignment Policy
We always prefer to keep the cleaner you already know on your booking. But sometimes it is impossible for us to guarantee. Therefore, we retain the right to reassign cleaners to appointments as necessary. This policy may apply to both recurring service appointments and one-time appointments. We will make reasonable efforts to provide prior notification of such changes whenever possible, should we deem it necessary.

Late Payment Fee (5%)
If we are unable to collect payment for services rendered within 14 days of service completion, a 5% late payment fee will be added to the outstanding invoice balance. This process will be repeated for each additional 14-day period without payment.

Our payment processor requires us to routinely capture before and after pictures of cleaning work to ensure its proper execution. We may also share photos of cleaning work on our social media platforms. If you prefer that pictures or videos of your home are not shared online, please inform us beforehand, and we will respect your privacy.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your cleaning. Please direct any service-related complaints to hello@beefriendscleaners.com or 207-805-5524 within 24 hours of service completion. In most cases we can return to your home and fix any issues with the cleaning for free. 

Refund Policy
All sales are final, and we do not offer returns or refunds, except as expressly stated in our Terms of Service.

Right to Terminate Service
Bee Friends Cleaners reserves the right to terminate service for any client at any time for any reason. We will provide written notice through text message and/or email in such cases.

Right to Refuse Service
Bee Friends Cleaners reserves the right to deny and/or terminate service due to safety concerns, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations, presence of anything dangerous or unsafe on the premises, severe clutter, disconnected utilities, or any situation we deem ‘unreasonable.’ Our cleaners have the option to leave if they encounter an unsanitary home condition or feel unsafe or threatened. If a cleaning service is terminated due to these reasons, a cancellation fee will be charged.

Cleaning Day Preparation
Your cleaning service price is based on our cleaners dedicating their time solely to cleaning tasks. We kindly request that you take a few moments to tidy up your home, allowing our cleaners easy access to areas and surfaces to be cleaned, such as floors, countertops, tabletops, and more.

While we are happy to work around pets, we request that indoor pet activity is minimized for efficient and safe cleaning operations. If your pet becomes anxious or poses a safety concern, Bee Friends Cleaners reserves the right to refuse or terminate the service. If our cleaning technician’s removal is due to pet-related issues (e.g., aggression), our cancellation policy will apply.

Service Fees
Our pricing is based on years of experience; however, we may adjust prices based on the actual condition of the house. To avoid surprises upon arrival, we will contact you if we anticipate that the job will require additional time. If we are unable to reach you, the crew may need to leave, and a cancellation fee will be charged.

We reserve the right to reevaluate rates at any time, based on the time needed to meet your cleaning standards. Bee Friends Cleaners will contact you to discuss price or service revisions if the cleaning time significantly deviates from the original estimate.

Recurring Service Discount
To prevent misuse of our recurring service discount, if you skip cleanings, resulting in a cleaning frequency lower than initially arranged, your price will be adjusted to match the pricing level for the lower frequency.

If your home is equipped with a security system, please ensure that it is turned off or provide our office with the appropriate code and usage instructions. If the security code changes, please inform us promptly to avoid any lockout charges.

Use of Homeowner’s Vacuum
If you request the use of your vacuum, we will not assume liability for any damage to the unit. Since we do not maintain the vacuum’s condition, we will not be responsible for any repairs. It is essential to ensure that your vacuum is in working order before our arrival to avoid any inconvenience.

Cleaning Supplies
Our cleaners come equipped with the necessary equipment and cleaning products. Should you request the use of your cleaning supplies, please be aware that we are not responsible for any damage associated with those products. When making such a request, kindly have the cleaning chemicals and supplies readily available to expedite the cleaning process.

What We Can’t Clean
Mold removal is a specialized service we offer by special engagement and pricing only, and we cannot be held liable for any mold-related risks in clients’ homes. Contact us if you would like proposal for mold cleaning service. Additionally, we do not provide cleaning services for hoarding homes or areas containing bodily fluids, including blood, feces, vomit, cat litter boxes, bird cages, urine, or excretions. For a complete list of services we do not offer, please contact us. 

Unreachable Areas and Heavy Items
For safety and liability reasons, our cleaners cannot work at heights beyond a step stool’s reach or perform tasks outside your home. Additionally, our cleaners are unable to move objects weighing more than 35 pounds. If you require cleaning behind heavy objects, please relocate them before our arrival.

Breakage/Damage and Loss Policy
While breakage or damage occurrences are infrequent, there is always a possibility when we clean. Our cleaners exercise reasonable care during cleaning tasks. We are not liable for damage resulting from normal wear and tear, incorrect item installation in your home, or damage to items such as artwork, collectibles, or family heirlooms not disclosed during the booking process. These items include but are not limited to:

  • Artwork

  • Collectibles

  • Family Heirlooms

Clients should identify such items to us before commencing service and provide specific instructions on how fragile items should be handled. In the event of breakage or loss of any personal items, notification must be made within 24 hours. While we aim to achieve identical replacements, it is not guaranteed in every case.

Cleaners Arrival Window
We schedule our cleanings to minimize drive time, maintain competitive prices, and avoid trip fees. While we will do our best to accommodate your specific time requests, we cannot guarantee specific times and give our cleaners a window of 60 minutes to arrive and be considered “ON TIME”. Due to the unpredictable nature of our business and unforeseen circumstances like traffic or weather, we appreciate your flexibility in scheduling cleaning appointments between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. While we typically do not arrive more than 30 minutes earlier or later than the scheduled time- in case of delays, we will communicate with you via call or text.

Inclement Weather
We will not provide services when weather conditions jeopardize the safety of our cleaners while driving to clients’ locations.

Non-Solicitation Agreement
Clients agree not to directly solicit for employment, contract, or engage any employee, contractor, or representative of Bee Friends Cleaners during the service term and for a two-year period following the termination of services. This includes individuals such as cleaners, administrative staff, management, or any other individuals associated with our company.

In the event of a breach of this agreement, the client agrees to pay a monetary penalty of $3,000 USD. This fee represents an authentic pre-estimate of the damages our company would incur due to such a breach. We reserve the right to terminate services immediately upon discovering any solicitation, without any obligation for a refund or any other liabilities. This clause does not restrict our company from pursuing other remedies available under the law for breaches of this agreement.

Governing Law
Any claim related to Bee Friends Cleaners LLC shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maine, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. We have made every effort to design our website to be useful, informative, helpful, and honest. If you have suggestions for improvements or changes to make your experience more convenient, please do not hesitate to reach out and share your feedback.

Bee Friends Cleaners LLC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please contact us before your cleaning appointment so we can clarify them. By moving ahead with your cleaning appointment it is agreed and understood that you fully understand and accept these terms and conditions. Thank you! 

Weekends are for family and friends. Not cleaning!